is it ME you’re looking for?

The Norwegian design duo Morten & Jonas are ready with their third design for Northern Lighting. They describe their work as playful, detailed and clean.

Explain your new design Me?
Me is a fun and soft reading lamp designed with a flexible stem that can be rotated and bent to customise the direction of the shade. The design is a result of a process where the goal was to make a sleek, clean and functional reading lamp that could work as a reading lamp in several environments.

Achievement  you’re  proud of?
We are proud every time an idea get to become a launched product.

An important asset a designer needs to have with a producer?
We think it is important to have a good dialogue and be able to communicate well with the producer. Courage, patience, be flexible and positive is also qualities we think is important.

What are your plans for the future?
To establish our studio in Oslo and work closely with Northern Lighting. Looking forward to launching several new products for different producers both from Scandinavia but also from the rest of the world during the next year. We are looking into a really exiting year.