Introducing Our New
Autumn Winter 2021 Collection

Discover our newest designs, including bold furniture with Nordic wood crafting techniques, clean silhouettes and ambient lighting.

This last year has given us all a special moment in time to take a closer look at our nearby surroundings.

As we and the world around us have continued to adapt and change, our homes, the people we share them with, and the communities we are part of have, provided new inspiration and renewed hope.

In these intimate spaces, objects and experiences come together to create places that truly reflect who we are, how we live and what we love.

At Northern, our collection of furniture, lighting, and accessories continues to grow. Each piece is crafted with the needs of modern everyday life in mind, while remaining true to our Nordic history and pioneering spirit.

Let’s make our lives simpler and more beautiful.

Ove Rogne, CEO and Founder

Extended classics

We also introduce the new  Acorn floor lamp, a Birdy swing floor, a Birdy swing table lamp, the Reveal pendant in a larger size, and the Over Me lamps in two new sizes, and a new colour.

The Buddy series got a new black colour. The self-watering pots, Oasis are presented in two new colourways. Finally our Hifive storage system has arrived with new back panels and lower height legs.