Frost Produkt
“Oil lamp for your outdoor room”

The Norwegian design studio Frost Produkt are ready with their second design for Northern Lighting, an outdoor oil lamp named Poppy. We had a small talk with Sondre Frost Urstad from Frost Produkt.

Descirbe your work
Our goal is to contribute with thorough, positive, timeless, sustainable and holistic products and solutions.

Tell us about Poppy
The shapes are inspired from the botanical world which is reflected in the name Poppy. We wanted the series to be used in a variety of settings. It consists of a table model, low floor model, high floor model and a lawn version that attaches to the ground with a pin. In addition to this, they come in two different main shapes; a sleek oil container with a conical crown and a globe-like model topped with a rounded collar, and three different colors.

Why oil lamps?
We started the process by focusing on the “outdoor room”, an area which has evolved over the past years. Its use has been expanded and people have become more focused on facilitating and furnishing these rooms. The balcony, terrace or lawn has become an extension of the living room and the visual expression known in these interiors has moved along outdoors. We think outdoor rooms are exciting, anything from a small converted fire balcony to a villa with a large garden.

We wanted to create a product that extended the use of the outdoor space, a product which made you continue using this space after dark and even extended the season. Our research implied that powerful oil lamps could be a suitable product category, a category which is not so common in Scandinavia, but more established on the continent.

Poppy is now available in selected stores worldwide