Familiar Classics,
New Look

A switch of mood

With fall comes a few changes. The temperature and is lowered, the hours of daylight are shortened and the colours of our surroundings are altered. And so, we made a few changes as well. Some of our familiar classics have been given a new look to meet the needs of a new and somewhat darker season. Meet our downsized Dahl, darker Diva and brighter Say My Name.

When size Matters

Today, we are bringing Dahl’s smaller sibling back into the light. The design is a scaled down copy that fits perfectly into compact spaces. Now available with metal parts in matt white for both sizes.

A rising star

After two decades of popularity, Diva is ready for a new look. The design has been refreshed with a contemporary Scandinavian material, as smoked oak is added to the selection of colours.

Brighten the Mood

Say My Name’s new matt white version speaks volumes about style, while providing a stronger light source when more illumination is needed.