Design Award winner
“If you never try, you never know”

The winner of Northern Lighting Design Award 2017 will soon be announced. We had a small talk with last years winner, the Finnish student Hannakaisa Pekkala. During Stockholm Furniture Fair we launched her winning design Circle from last years Design Award.

Your experience of the Design Award?
The Design Award is very popular and I always thought I’ll participate some day. Last year, as the deadline was getting closer, I thought to myself: why not give it a try now? The decision was quite spontaneous. That’s usually how the best things happen.

Participating in the competition is probably the wisest thing a young designer can do. The fact that it can actually lead into reality, makes it a great chance for the young designers to start their career. I also appreciate the multidisciplinary jury of the competition. The winner is selected by talents from various visual fields, and this kind of different approaches are valuable.

Tell us about your winning design Circle.
Inspiration for ‘Circle’ came from making something old in a new way. I had been thinking of a graphic and modern version of a statement lamp like a chandelier, which would fit in a modern interior. Also, what fascinated me back then and still does, is that how a design process usually starts from a drawing and ends up into a three dimensional piece. In ’Circle’, I was able to save the feeling of the sketch in the final result. The thin metal form looks almost like it’s drawn into the air. The lamps look different from every angle, and make a changing composition.

Your expectations of Circle?
I’m looking forward to see the ’Circle’ in action! I took part in the Stockholm’s Furniture & Light Fair in February, and also visited the Northern Lighting stand. It was amazing to see my own design there and get feedback from the visitors. Can’t wait to see all the places it will end up and how it works in different environments.

What are your plans for the future?
Right now I’m doing my BA thesis and will graduate this spring. After that, I’ve a year off from studying before applying to master’s degree. I’m probably going to work and travel, hopefully in a perfect balance, so I will have a lot of new ideas and energy for the future. This experience has given me a feeling that I’m on the right path.

Tips for new participants?
Sometimes young designers are too afraid to try, because they feel their designs are not ready. The ideas matter more than anything else. Many things may and will change during the development process, so you can’t ever be 100% sure and ready with your designs. If you never try, you never know! Give it a shot!