Anniversary edition:
Oslo Wood

We are proud to present the anniversary edition of Oslo Wood. It’s been ten years since Northern Lighting produces its first design, and only nine since Ove Rogne‘s award-winning Oslo Wood lamp was launched.

Today, we launch two edition of Oslo Wood, One tripod base has the faded lustre of antique gold, while the other is electroplated shiny black. The shade for both edition are covered in hand-threaded green fabric.

Although the design is strikingly metropolitan, nature was part of the inspiration behind Oslo Wood. Rogne set out to recreate the effect of urban light filtering through trees as they radiate from city centre. As Oslo Wood’s light is softened by the shade, it resembles the warm glow of city lights on a dark winter night, which have been diffused upwards trough tree branches to illuminate the sky.

We hope you like it!