Acorn Floor Lamp
Bring the Feeling Of the Forest Home

‘With its own distinct character, the Acorn Floor Lamp will be a natural addition to the much-loved pendant light’

Inspired by autumnal Nordic forests, the long-awaited Acorn Floor Lamp further develops the much-loved organic appeal of our popular pendant light.

Originally designed by the award-winning Atle Tveit in 2012, this modern, yet playful, floor lamp with its solid trunk-like shape and a tactile shade that resembles an empty acorn shell, also recreates the soft dappled light experienced beneath a canopy of trees.

Available in white, dark grey and black finishes, the Acorn Floor Lamp has warm beech and walnut detailing on its aluminium shade along with a neat pull switch. The power cable is also concealed within a clean silk cord.

With its own distinct character, the Acorn Floor Lamp will be a natural addition to the family. I have a favourite reading chair that I use as often as I can, and I look forward to having the Acorn Floor Lamp standing next to it.”

– Atle Tveit