Holiday Care for Houseplants

Top tips for keeping your houseplants healthy and happy while your away. 

Whether you’re planning a local staycation or adventuring further afield going away for two-weeks can fill those of us with an ever-growing collection of houseplants with anxiety.  


But sometimes our plants can benefit from a holiday just as much as we do. So don’t let your summer break be stressful and follow our simple, and super quick, tips to make sure your plants stay healthy and happy even when you’re not there.


1. Pre-holiday preparation 

 Always make sure you give your houseplants a good care session before you go away. By repotting them into fresh flowerpots and topping up their fertiliser, dead-heading any spent flowers and trimming back unruly stems, your houseplants will be holiday-ready in no time. 

2. Lower the light  

 Simply moving your plants from their usual sunny windowsill to a cooler, shadier spot can reduce their rate of water loss by up to 80%. A bathroom is perfect as the lower light levels from the frosted glass window helps cut down their exposure to direct sun and the smaller room size also helps trap the most humidity. 

3. Group your plants 

Grouping your plants together in a close huddle will further reduce water loss by creating localised humidity. The leaves of neighbouring plants both emit and trap the water vapour around each other, helping them to keep their own temperatures constant. 

4. Water wisely 

If you are going away for a couple of weeks or more, self-watering flowerpots like the Oasis are a worthwhile investment. The top terracotta pot sits perfectly inside the glazed pot underneath, absorbing just the right amount of water your plant needs. The Oasis is also the perfect container for plants prone to over watering and root rot too. 

5. Ask for help 

If you’re only going on a short break, a good deep soak in room temperature water before you go should help your houseplants take care of themselves, but often the easiest option is to ask a plant loving friend or neighbour to help keep an eye on them in your absence.