A Dining Table
Should Last You a Lifetime

We believe our dining table should last you a lifetime.

Northern products are created with durability, sustainability, and circularity in mind.

We manage every carefully crafted detail; from the renowned designers and manufacturers we work with to the high-quality materials we source.

We believe our dining tables should last you a lifetime. Made from the highest quality FSC certified solid oak, the hardwood we use has been chosen to get more beautiful with age.

Materials with purpose

As a natural living element, every piece of wood is different, with its knots and growth rings giving the finished products their distinct quality, unique character, and organic expression.

We strive to minimize our effects on the environment by making sure the solid oak we use in the production of all our wooden furniture is FSC certified. By responsibly selecting what we need, no more trees are felled than we require, meaning that the forest can sustainably reproduce.

Manufactured with care

Working with some of Europe’s most skilled manufacturers, the oak we use is grown as close to site as possible. This ensures the hardwood’s quality, reduces transportation mileage, and provides good working conditions for local people.

Our Expand dining tables are made from timber harvested just 50 km away from the family-owned factory in which they are produced. Set in a small city in Poland, here they slice, dry, and glue the pieces together, before finishing the individual products by hand.

Maintained with love

At Northern, the longer our oak furniture lasts the better. This is why all our products will last for generations if maintained and cared for.

We recommend treating all new oak furniture with oil before use, adding a layer of fresh oil at least once a year after that.

For advice on how to care for your oak furniture please see our guide ‘How to take care of your Expand Dining Table’, to ensure you and your Northern product enjoy a long and happy life together.

FSC® – FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. The FSC Principles and Criteria provide a foundation for all forest management standards globally, including the FSC US National Standard.