Granny candle holder

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Design by
Rudi Wulff


from SEK 550

Estimated delivery time: 1 week

Granny lights up the interior the old-fashioned way. Instead of flipping the power switch, strike a match and watch as cosy candlelight spreads over the room. A contemporary take on the classic candlestick, Granny is designed with modern-day innovations that heighten its appeal. The base’s edges rise upwards to catch and contain melted wax before it drips onto the surrounding surface. The holder is made with a sliding brass knob that makes it easier to remove leftover wax and place a new candle inside.

Crafted in steel or solid brass and made in two heights, Granny is available in matt black, matt white or brushed brass. With six versions to choose from, Granny is a striking design that hopefully will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Product type: Candle holder series
Materials: Steel and brass (black and white versions), solid brass (brass version)
Colours: Black, white or brass

Net weight H11.5: 0.18 kg (black and white versions), 0.26 kg (brass version)
Net weight H16: 0.20 kg (black and white versions), 0.28 kg (brass version)

Net weight H32.5: 0.5 kg (black and white versions), 0.6 kg (brass version)
Net weight H44: 0.5 kg (black and white versions), 0.6 kg (brass version)

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