Hifive tall cabinet

Hifive_cabinet_system_installation_perspective_Northern_Photo_Einar_Aslaksen_Low-resHifive_smoked_oak_leg_closeup -Northern_ Photo_Chris_Tonnesen - Low resHifive_smoked_oak_tambour_door_closeup -Northern_ Photo_Chris_Tonnesen - Low resHifive_tall_cabinet_75x114_light-oak_floor_H28_NorthernHifive_tall_cabinet_75x114_smoked-oak_floor_H28_NorthernHifive_tall_cabinet_75x114_black-oak_floor_H28_NorthernNorthern_Hifive_100_light-oak_floorNorthern_Hifive_200_black-oak_floor

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NOK 37290

Estimated delivery time: 2 weeks

This swanky storage system is as cool as they come; it greets everyone with a hi-five. The Hifive system is comprised of streamlined modular components: an open unit, a cabinet with a scrolling door, a sleek metal base and a wooden top that unites the units with a single surface. If no base is required, the units can also be mounted directly to the wall.

The cabinet is designed to hold any thing you might need. Its scrolling door closes to conceal the contents behind a flexible wooden screen. Colours available are black painted oak, light oiled oak or smoked oak finish. The base is available in both high and low versions. Contemporary in expression and practical in scope, Hifive can provide storage for a range of items.

The Hifive system is also available as a sideboard and in a slim wall version.

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Media furniture / storage
Material cabinet boxes and top board: Oak veneer
Colour cabinet boxes and top board: Black painted oak, light oiled oak or smoked oak finish

Material legs: Steel
Colour legs: Black (Ral 9005)

Net weight: 61 kg
Dimensions: L: 75 cm x D: 42 cm x H: 143 cm

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