Timeless Design Meets Historical Narrative in NRK’s Power Play

Power Play is a riveting NRK series that brings to life the incredible story of Gro Harlem Brundtland. Set in the late 70s, the series portrays Brundtland as a young, dedicated doctor advocating for self-determined abortion rights. Her journey takes an unexpected turn as she finds herself entangled in the world of politics. Amidst a government in turmoil, Brundtland learns to navigate and master the intricate games of power. As she ascends through the ranks, she emerges as a pivotal figure in the collapse and rebirth of Labour’s celebrated social democracy, ultimately becoming Norway’s first female Prime Minister in 1981.

Power Play breaks conventional storytelling by juxtaposing the 1970s political scene with elements of contemporary Oslo. Viewers see historical events unfolding against modern landmarks like the Oslo Opera House, and electric scooters zipping past – an artistic choice that speaks volumes. The series creators chose not to recreate the 70s Oslo, but rather to illustrate how past decisions shape our present, a testament to the enduring nature of the city’s political and cultural themes.

The series’ interior choices play an important role in setting the tone. Each scene is meticulously crafted, blending vintage and modern elements to create a setting that transcends time. This approach not only adds depth to the narrative but also allows the audience to reflect on the cyclical nature of history and politics.

In this landscape of blended timelines, Northern’s designs find their place.

In this landscape of blended timelines, Northern’s designs find their place. The iconic Butterfly wall lamp, designed by Sven I. Dysthe and first launched in 1964, and Dahl pendant lamp, designed by Birger Dahl and first launched in 1956, aligns perfectly with Power Play’s aesthetic. Their presence is a subtle nod to the our ethos – creating designs that endure through changing times, much like the series’ approach to its narrative.

Power Play is a captivating series that not only tells a story of political intrigue but also challenges the conventional approach to period settings. Its innovative use of environment and interior design, coupled with the subtle inclusion of Northern’s timeless designs, creates a visual tapestry that enriches its narrative. The series is a celebration of Oslo’s enduring spirit, a city that continues to evolve while honoring its history.

Experience the unique storytelling of Power Play on NRK and witness how design transcends time. For those inspired by the series’ aesthetic, explore Northern’s collection, where classic design meets modern functionality.

All images are taken from NRK.no.