Studio Peel

“I feed off my environment. The sights, sounds, and smells help my mind and body to connect.” 

Norwegian artist Anne Peel explains how a lifelong connection with nature and a fascination with paper has allowed her creativity to unfold.

“My childhood was spent surrounded by forests, walking in them daily and picking flowers.” 

“I studied Art History and Conservation of Fine Art on Paper and worked in the paper department of a design store in Oslo for many years before I began to creatively explore what I could make myself.” 

“It was during this time I read an article about the devasting impact fresh flowers has on the environment. Ninety percent of what we buy is imported, grown in heated greenhouses which release large amounts of CO2, before being transported over a huge distance to your local flower shop, where they have a shelf life of just a few days. Where our flowers come from and preserving them in their natural environment is so important, and this is what Studio Peel is about.” 

“I live and work near to Østmarka, a large, forested area east of Oslo, and I find a lot of inspiration there. I feed off my environment, so start every day with a walk and yoga, the sights, sounds and smells of this natural landscape help my mind and body to connect, making sure my thoughts and creativity flows.” 

“Through my artwork, I explore the relationship between nature and humanity; transforming flowers I know and distorting them into otherworldly sculptures. I am also fascinated by fading and dying flowers; I love how they curl and swirl in the most beautiful ways just before they lose their petals. I often pick or buy flowers to watch them decay day by day, challenging what the very essence of natural beauty is.”

“Paper and I completely understand each other. I know the chemistry of paper, how it is made and how both strong and fragile it can be. I love using my hands, cutting, folding, and bending the paper into something delicate yet enduring. I am also now making my own paper, as well as using natural dyes and water to mix unique colours and to create fresh combinations.” 

“I love how flowers always have the ability to lift your mood, instantly evoking feelings of joy and excitement in a very simple way. I hope people look at real flowers differently after seeing my artwork, taking the time to appreciate every fascinating detail. I can never compete with the beauty found in mother nature; no one can.”