Northern Christmas Spirit
In a Drink

‘A drink specially made for the Christmas season’


Not much is better than enjoying a delicious and warm drink together with loved ones at an otherwise cold time of year. In addition to tasty and traditional Norwegian ingredients that fits perfectly into the Christmas season.

We have once again teamed up with Cocktail Club to make another delicious drink. Last time we created the cold and fresh Northern signature Cocktail. This time we wanted to make a drink specially for the Christmas season. We wanted to bring the Norwegian heritage of traditional Holiday drinks in a new perspective. Therefore, we ended up making a warm drink with Norwegian and christmassy flavors that can be served to a bigger group of people.

Northern Christmas Punch

Northern Christmas Punch is based on aquavit which is the most traditional Norwegian Christmas drink. To make a tasty punch based on aquavit, we mixed in fresh Norwegian apple juice together with other traditional Christmas flavors such as Anis, Cloves and Cinnamon. All together this becomes a tasty punch with delicious Norwegian flavors that is easy to make and will be perfect to serve guests this Christmas.

For the whole ingredient list as well as a video tutorial on how to make the Northern Christmas Punch, go visit, or enter here to get directly to the recipe.

Northern Christmas favourites from

If you are looking for other drinks to serve, Cocktail Club has recipes for every taste and occasion. The professional bartenders help you through a step-by-step guide and share some tips, tricks and recommendations so that you easily can make professional drinks yourself.

Here you have some of our favourite drinks from Cocktail Club this Christmas:


We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


If you’re planning to enjoy a drink at home, please drink sensibly and within recommended limits.