How to Make a
Welcoming Hallway

However big or small your hallway may be, first impressions count.


Often the most neglected part of our homes, but also the hardest working, the hallway is the first thing a visitor will see when they arrive at your front door.

However big or small your hallway may be, first impressions count; setting the tone for what lies beyond.

From finding the perfect coat hook through to well-planned storage, we’ve put together our top tips and tricks on how to make your hallway practical, attractive, and welcoming.

1. Make a statement with bold lighting

 The hallway is the perfect place for a striking showstopper, so don’t be afraid to make a statement with bold lighting.

Made from brass or stainless steel, our Heat pendant lamp will not only catch the eye, but also bounce extra light around the space too. Alternatively, if your hallway is long and narrow, then a row of flush mounted Over Me ceiling lamps will allow you to spread light throughout. Our Glint and Butterfly wall lamps, with their pretty perforated patterns, will elongate the room as well as provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Maximise space with clever storage

 The more of the floor you can see in any room the bigger it will feel, so maximise what space you have got with clever and convenient wall mounted hallway storage.

Keep everyday essentials neatly stored away in our multi-functional Valet wall console or conceal larger items in a streamlined Hifive storage system. Designed to be configured and combined to suit your needs, this handy cabinet will make your hallway look instantly tidier as well as make life when leaving the house a lot easier for everyone.

3. Create an illusion with mirrors

Often hallways are small, dark spaces with no natural light, but a good mirror can often make a space feel much larger than it appears.

Strategically positioning a large Peek mirror on one wall will create an illusion of more space by reflecting the light back from the rooms leading off the hallway. Arranging them in a collection of different sizes, to create a gallery wall effect, is a great way to add personality to your scheme without taking up any extra room.

A good mirror can often make a space feel much larger than it appears.


4. Make a feature of coats and bags

 Hallways are the perfect place to have a bit of fun with your décor so embrace the clutter by making a feature of coats and bags.

Our Nest wall hooks don’t have to be hung in a straight line. By arranging them on a wall in a random pattern of bold colours and height combinations, even when empty they look like a decorative feature. Also, our Pal bench will provide a neat seating area, where baskets can be neatly stowed underneath making the best use of limited space.

5. Add the wow-factor with accessories

 Rather than letting that boring space under the stairs become a dumping ground why not create a cosy corner with wow-factor.

Not everyone has the room in their hallway, but if you do, an Oaki lounge chair and Mass side table will offer the perfect spot to rest and relax in when you get home. Alternatively, use this area to display a selection of your favourite accessories, such as a Granny candle holder or a houseplant or two perfectly positioned in a self-watering Oasis flowerpot.