Five household essentials to enrich the everyday

At Northern we understand that it’s the little details that bring the most joy; and the things we use and encounter daily that have the biggest impact on our lives. 

Made to make life easier, rather than to add meaning, these household essentials are often hidden away. But we believe whatever their purpose the pleasure they bring should be celebrated. 

All Northern accessories are designed to enrich the everyday and to make our homes a more enjoyable place to live. Here’s more about five of our favourites: 

1. Nest wall hook 

Simple to look at but perfect for hanging up coats, bags, and scarves, the Nest wall hook provides quick and easy storage for everyday household essentials such as keys, cards, and coins. Available in nine incredible different colours, and easy to install, just like a nest in nature it always blends effortlessly into its surroundings.

 2. Grab watering can 

The stylish Grab watering can was designed to be used and enjoyed by plant lovers everywhere each and every day. With its fluid, easy to grip shape, as well as its generous water capacity, whether you choose the dark green, light yellow or deep plum shade, it makes the perfect addition to any garden or greenhouse. 

3. Mim outdoor broom 

Rediscover your love for the humble household broom with our contemporary twist on a classic design. With its sleek silhouette and sturdy bristles, which come in black or bright yellow, the Mim takes outdoor life in its stride and can also be hung up when not in use thanks to its integrated nylon cord and accompanying round aluminium peg. 

4. Dais step stool 

The must-have, multifunctional Dais step stool was created with practicality in mind. Providing a set of sturdy steps, as well as an impromptu seat or side table whenever needed, it’s made from tactile powder-coated metal, is fun to use, incredibly lightweight and portable making bulky ladders a thing of the past.  

5. Trace flashlight 

Whether you’re heading out to the forest, beach or park, or just enjoying a late night on the balcony or patio; our Trace flashlight is the ideal accessory. Simple, functional, but packed with character, its LED beam has three different light intensities which can be adjusted at the click of a button. It also includes a powerful battery that works with USB charging.