A Classic Design
That Stands the Test of Time

The Birdy lamp perfectly express Birger Dahl’s honest and logical design philosophy, making it a timeless classic that continues to inspire designers worldwide.

Since its creation in the 1950s, the Birdy lamp has become a bestseller in lighting design collections around the world. With its sleek and simple design, this lamp has not only stood the test of time but has also become an enduring source of inspiration for contemporary designers.

Honest and Logical Design Philosophy

Birger Dahl (19161998) was a renowned postwar interior architect and one of Scandinavia‘s leading designers. He was educated at the Norwegian National School of Arts and Crafts (SHKS) in Oslo, where he also became a teacher. During 19451957, he worked as a chief designer at lighting manufacturer Sønnico.

Dahl was a versatile designer, best known for his work with lamps. He was guided by an honest and logical design philosophy, often incorporating geometric shapes such as cylinders, cones, and circles into his designs. To Dahl, the shade was an integral part of the functional object, not merely a way to camouflage it.

The Relaunch of Birdy

For decades, the Birdy lamp remained popular, but as tastes changed and new designs emerged, it fell out of favor. However, in 2013, Northern decided to relaunch the Birdy lamp, reintroducing it to a new generation of design enthusiasts.

The consequences of not relaunching the Birdy lamp could have been drastic. It may have been relegated to the annals of design history, forgotten and overlooked by future generations. Instead, Northern’s decision to bring it back to the forefront has ensured that the Birdy lamp is now considered a classic piece of design that stands the test of time.

The solution to keeping the Birdy lamp relevant was to reintroduce it to the market with a fresh, contemporary twist. Northern worked with designers to update the lamp’s color palette and materials while maintaining its iconic shape and functionality. The result is a design that feels modern and relevant while still honoring its origins.

Appreciated for Generations to Come

The relaunch of the Birdy lamp series has been a resounding success, with the lamp being featured in design magazines and blogs around the world. Its timeless appeal has made it a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces, and it has even been used in television and film sets.

The story of the Birdy lamp is a testament to the power of great design. By recognizing the lamp’s potential and reintroducing it to the world, Northern has ensured that it will continue to be admired and appreciated for generations to come.

The success of the Birdy lamp is also a tribute to Birger Dahl’s vision and talent as a designer. His ability to create a design that was both functional and beautiful was ahead of its time, and his legacy has continued to inspire designers around the world.

Great Design That Stand the Test of Time

The story of the Birdy lamp is a remarkable one. It is a testament to the power of great design, the importance of sustainability, and the enduring appeal of classic pieces. By recognizing the potential of the Birdy lamp and bringing it back to the forefront of contemporary design, Northern has ensured that Birger Dahl’s legacy will continue to inspire designers and enthusiasts for generations to come.

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Iconic Lamp Designs Gets a New Life

  • 1952: Table lamp S-30016 –  named Birdy by Northern when it was re-launched in 2013. The lamp got a golden medal at the Triennale in Milan.
  • 1954: Pendant lamp S-10053, Northern later re-launched the design in 2007 under the name Dokka.
  • 1956: Pendant lamp S-40147, which was installed in the newly renovated Norwegian Parliament building back in 1958. To commemorate Dahl’s centenary in 2016, Northern launched the Dahl glass pendant lamp, paying tribute to his iconic design legacy.