5 tips for making your house
feel like home

How to add the finishing touches

The walls have been painted, the flooring replaced, and the furniture bought, but it’s those extra special finishing touches that create a feeling of home.

Choosing all-important final pieces that bring a room together can be a daunting exercise, especially if you are looking to invest in accessories that reflect who you are, as well as last a lifetime.

No matter where you live or how you live, let us help you finish your latest project with our top tips for making your house feel like home.

1. Invite people in

Every room should invite people in with an interesting detail that makes them want to discover more. A perfectly placed rug is always enticing, sparks curiosity and starts a conversation.

Row rug circular
Row rug medium
Row rug large


2. Get comfortable

Once in a room you should always feel like you never want to leave. So, create your own stylish sanctuary by adding lots of cosy and comfortable textiles. Sit back, relax and curl up on a mountain of colourful cushions.

Case cushion

3. Make a statement

Make a statement with a striking lamp. Lighting is one of the most important parts of any room, and while practicality is important, it can also be used to create a much-needed focal point and really transform the feel of the whole space.

Ombre table lamp

4. Embrace nature

Bring the outdoors in, with objects made from natural materials or with a curved and organic shape. If there is one thing the last year has proven, it’s how much we all need to see signs of life and benefit from a daily connection with house plants and fresh flowers.

Oasis flowerpot small
Oasis flowerpot medium
Oasis flowerpot large

6. Be personal

Every home has to be lived in no matter how perfect the décor. But those personal everyday

essentials, like house keys, glasses or even wet towels should be hung up and tidied away in style, with practical pieces that not only look good but work hard too.

Nest wall hook