3 of Our Favourite
Desk Lamps

We’ve highlighted a selection of our favourite desk lamps for your workspace.

We’ve highlighted a selection of our favourite desk lamps to keep your desk bright and living space functional with mood making look.

A desk lamp’s job is to illuminate your workspace in the most efficient way possible, it creates direct, focused task lighting. A good desk lamp should also be adjustable, allowing you to direct light to suit your needs. Some allow you to pivot or rotate the head of the lamp, while others allow you to also adjust the light fixture’s arm.

Here’s a selection of our 3 favourite desk lamps.

  1. Buddy table lamp
  2. Birdy table lamp
  3. Gear table lamp


Buddy Table Lamp

Buddy table lamp is a multi-functional design that gives busy individuals a base to come back to. Equipped with a holder to contain pens, pencils, keys or loose change, Buddy lends a hand when you need help keeping track of essentials. The multi-directional shade enables the beam to be directed towards the area where light is needed. Available in dark green, warm beige, dark grey and white.

Birdy Table Lamp

Birdy table lamp is adjustable, allowing you to direct light to suit your needs, by tilting the shade, or rotate the light fixture arm. Birdy is a table, wall and floor lamp series designed in 1952, in a modernist style. In 2013 Northern decided to re-launch this design classic, taking care to preserve the original shape and highly functional features that at first made it such a well–loved light. The lamp series is available in white, grey or black colour with steel finish and black coloured shade with black or brass metal finish.

Gear Table Lamp

Designed with rotating gears making the light fixture arm adjustble. These high-performance lamps were made for the workspace. Like changing gears in a car, the positions of the shades are changed manually by adjusting a lever. Gears inside the base lock into place with each adjustment of the shades. The table lamps with one or two shades illuminate the surfaces around them.

A stylish floor lamp can add character and light to any space and can also illuminate your workspace. The perfect floor lamp for your workspace is a a lamp that will provide light without stealing the show and doesn’t take up much space, thanks to its slim profile. The Me floor lamp is designed with a flexible stem that can be rotated and bent to customise the direction of the shade and a dimmer switch; meaning the position and the amount of light you need can be fully personalised – perfect for your workspace!